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What’s it like to live in Saint Johns?

Whilst not London’s largest, loudest, or best-known area, Saint Johns is certainly among its nicest. It sits just south of the grungy New Cross to the north, and just North of the less easy-on-the-eye Lewisham to the south. A Goldilocks zone, you might say.

Historically, the place was created by some Victorian philanthropists hoping to expand Deptford with their quaint architecture. Today, yummy mummy’s, Goldsmith’s art students, and locals who are contented by their house price inflation roam freely.

If this were the North West, prices would be bonkers. At the time of writing, a 3 bed terrace can be bought for £600,000, or rented for £2,400pcm. This is not expensive for housing in the big smoke.

Before visiting the area, a basic knowledge of Mr Pink is assumed and it is highly highly recommended that this video is perused. There’s also a cute old phone box which, after having been made redundant by mobile phones, has been made unredundant again with a new role as a second-hand book swap.

The home of Mr Pink, St Johns’ most famous resident

Equipped with this knowledge, and thirsty from absorbing all that history in a format of such brevity, a parched individual simply must stop for some food and drink. So, here are your options.

The best pubs in Saint Johns

1. The Talbot

When it comes to beer gardening, as it often does, this place delivers the goods. A beautiful community-feel pub which serves brilliant beer in the middle of the village, The Talbot even manages to attract an animated herd of well groomed doggos. Prices are a little steep for the south east, but £2.50 mystery pints on a Thursday are always on hand to deliver that much-needed Friday hangover.

Two £2.50 pints on a Summer’s evening

2. The Rising Sun

Interestingly reminiscent of a wild-west saloon bar, this Milwall pub is pure Lewisham, or “Lewshaaaarm” as its frequenters call it. Open from silly-o’clock until silly-o’clock, and filled with through-and-through Millwall supporters, the “Rising Fun” is a brilliant pub to call your local. Smiths, Pride, and the usual lager suspects are sold at decent prices. Lovely.

Open all day; and most of the night, too

3. The Brookmill

Technically the only one of these pubs actually within the Saint Johns boundary, very nice also.

The best eating spots in Saint Johns

There’s a true mix of the fast and the fancy, but here goes:

1. L’Oculto

A ridiculously tasty and authentic Tapas restaurant with an ambience which cuddles its diners in a warm light and steamed windows. In summer, the Rioja swilling and sea food savouring pours into the streets. Maybe £30 a head for one of the best meals to be enjoyed in South East London.

Spanish food so good that it has to be disguised as a chemist

2. Everest Curry King

£6 buys a quite frankly stupidly tasty selection of 4 vegetarian curries. More could be said, but this South Indian wonder is rammed from noon until night and that tells its own story.

3. Perfect Fried Chicken

PFC. P-F-C. Multiple sources swear by this place serving the finest fried chicken in Britain’s fair isle. £2 buys 12 wings and probably some chips and a drink if you make the frier laugh.

4. Middletons

It’s new. Never been, but it just looks good. Take your mum, she’d love it.

What amenities are there in Saint Johns, Lewisham?


  • Big Asda
  • Tesco express + filling station
  • Many convenience stores claiming to be “The Best” and one which handily sells Bitcoin
  • About 4,000 barbers, most of which are open until about 4am
  • A 24hr Gym
  • A Tailor
  • A minicab office

How can I transport into and out of St John’s, Lewisham?

  • South Eastern trains from St Johns to London Bridge take 10 minutes (Zone 2)
  • New Cross 10 minute walk away (Overground, buses)
  • Lewisham Station 5 minute walk away (DLR, more trains)

What is there to do?

  • Hilly Fields park
  • That’s about it, but you live in London so you’ll find something

The verdict

Feel: 4.5

Buzz: 2

Diesely Air (lower is thicker taste): 3.5

Connectedness: 2.5

Gentrification (at time of writing): 3.5

Boozers: 4

Expensiveness (lower is more expensive): 3.5

Shoppers: 4.5

Flight Path (higher is quieter): 1.5

Green Space: 3.5

Saint Johns scores: 33/50



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