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What’s it like living in Lewisham?

In the 10th Century, King Alfred the Great was Lord of the Manor of Lewisham. Today, roughly 60,000 people call the broader region home.With affordable house prices fantastic connections to Canary Wharf, The City, and Victoria, Lewisham has been favoured by commuters since the 1850s.

There’s something about that Lewisham blue

It’s name harks back to the 6th century, when pagans settled on the higher ground of neighbouring Ladywell. Developments in the past few years have built a formiddable skyline, with bold towers climbing out of the bowl to face financial towers north of the Thames.

Lewisham Shopping Centre’s homage to the area’s history

Since leaving Kent to formally become a member of the County of London in the 1960s, Lewisham hasn’t always been viewed in the best light. The arrival of the DLR in 1999 led to creeping gentrification, and started a serious climb in house prices in the area. Now it’s even got an M&S.

Roads behind the high street are more serene

Considering the 10 minute commute to London Bridge, or 15 minutes to Canary Wharf, a normal human would deem the rent to be reasonable. This is especially when considering how lovely neighbouring Ladywell and Saint Johns are for food, drinks, and green spaces.

A castle fit for King Alfred

Lewisham Shopping Centre sits bang in the middle, and genuinely hosts almost all the retail giants that have destroyed high streets all over the country. Only here, they provide an island of familiarity amindst a swarming bazaar of market stalls and independents. And yes, there is a Wetherspoons.

A brand new 1 bed flat overlooking Canary Wharf will set a young couple back £1,400. A big lovely family home is more in the region of £600,000, at time of writing.

There are gyms, supermarkets, and a silly amount of fried chicken shops. But for any serious liveliness, New Cross is the nearest centre for nightlife, 10 minutes to the North by bus. So, time for the scores:

The verdict

Feel: 2.5

Buzz: 3.5

Diesely Air (lower is thicker taste): 1.5

Connectedness: 4

Gentrification (at time of writing): 2

Boozers: 2.5

Expensiveness (lower is more expensive): 4

Shoppers: 4.5

Flight Path (higher is quieter): 4

Green Space: 2.5

Lewisham scores: 32/50



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