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What’s it like to live in Ladywell, Lewisham?

Sitting just south west of Lewisham town centre lies the leafy university village of Ladywell. Connected to London Bridge by it’s cute little train station, it’s slightly more reasonable house prices and quiet loveliness make a tantalising offer for anyone looking to move to the capital.

Welcome to Ladywell

Think of Ladywell as the shallow end of the swimming pool, a warm and inviting part of a big and often daunting place. It’s history dates back to the 13th century, when pilgrims would stop at “our lady’s well” for some healing. The area still has a healing feeling of calm today.

The boulangerie and sourdough pizzeria which adorn the centre help with the idea that Ladywell is an extension of neighbouring Saint Johns and Brockley. As do the Georgian family homes that line its converging streets.

Gorgeously wonky houses across from Ladywell station

At the North end of the small high street, a nice normal boozer offers some respite from the pretences you’d expect from a drinking hole in the capital. The ratio of takeaways to residents is genuinely astounding. If you’re after something more lively, Peckham is almost walkable, and New Cross lies just North.

Practical information

Helping the budgeteers, an Aldi is a 5 minute walk South from the train station. Lewisham shopping centre also hosts some good shops, think:

  • Wilko’s
  • Sainsbury’s
  • M&S
  • H&M
  • Next.

Four or five rains headed for London Bridge leave from Ladywell station every hour, continuing until past midnight.

For a more relaxing take, Ladywell is surrounded by green. The beautiful Hilly Fields rises above the area and boasting great views and quiet expansiveness. Ladywell fields lies just south, sealing the envelope of greenness that encloses the village’s residents. Here you’ll find a babbling brook, as well as some sports an gym equipment. If nothing else, it brightens the 10 minute walk to Catford.

Reading on a sunny authumanl Sunday in Hilly Fields

Housing prices and options

A house here will set you back about £550,000 for a charming terrace, or £2,100 to rent a 4 bed. Prices slightly lower than Brockley and Saint Johns reflect the weaker connections to lively areas.

Ladywell Fields with the university in the background

But hey, you can’t put a price on clean air and peace and quiet.

The verdict

Feel: 3.5

Buzz: 1

Diesely Air (lower is thicker taste): 4.5

Connectedness: 1.5

Gentrification (at time of writing): 2.5

Boozers: 1.5

Expensiveness (lower is more expensive): 4.5

Shoppers: 3.5

Flight Path (higher is quieter): 4

Green Space: 4

Ladywell scores: 30.5/50


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