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New Cross to London is, in many senses, what Kreuzberg is to Berlin. It’s young. It’s artistic. It’s gritty. And it’s an awful lot of fun.

As we wouldn’t recommend moving here unless you’re about to enroll on a fine arts course at the beautiful and esteemed Goldmith’s University, we’re here to talk about what to do. This is a bread and butter sort of food and drink post. We cram in arguably the capital’s finest pub crawl.

The Rose Pub, New Cross

Once completed, check out our guide to the best hangover breakfast spots in New Cross. In advance, you’re welcome.

The Infamous New Cross Bar Crawl

It all begins at the New Cross itself. On the intersection of the Old Kent and Queens roads, a crisp pint at the White Hart acts as the liquid amber starting gun. The run totals 6 pubs, we advise two pints in each to allow for optimal absorption of the beautiful boozers, local vibe, and city-leading music selection. It also helps that rounds in the selected pubs don’t cost an arm and a leg in exchange for getting legless

The entire route clocks in at just over half a mile. Allow at least 3 hours before the last pub as it’s a real corker and you’ll want to be parading through its doors around midnight. Friday and Saturday nights advised for optimal buzz.

Here goes.

1.     The White hart

In many senses, it’s a real shame that the Geography of New Cross necessitates that the White Hart is the first port of call. As a standalone pub it is fantastic and often plays host to some fine music.

Comfy sofas make this a great zone for a winter crawl, whilst ample outdoor benches provide a sociable starting point for sharing that start-of-crawl cigarette as you wait for the troops to assemble.

2.     The Rose

Home to a mighty fine enclosed beer garden which feels as though it was plucked straight from the set of Alice in Wonderland, The Rose is a convivial, upmarket boozer. This is handy because you’re in with a chance of remembering pun number 2, and you’ll want to. Grab some beers and tuck in.

3.     New Cross House

This is pub number 3. It’s also the final on the crawl that could be objectively described as “nice”. All deadweight should be shed at this point, they can finish off their lager tops and leave.

Take a look around at the Oak Furniture Land interior and enjoy the final moments spent with your more sensible and reserved friends.

From here on in, it’s the nasties. 6 pints are down, at the very least. A fine row of kebabies and tabaconists lie across the road for a pit stop before pub number 4. Refill you baccy pouches, reload on Rizzlas, fill yourselves on falafels while you can.

4.     New Cross Inn

A fantastically shabby establishment. Unchanged on the outside for decades, it’s stylistic advertisements for brandy and whiskey set the tone. Both are probably a fine idea at this stage, if not only for washing the falafel from your gnashers.

Inside, local selectors and a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere set the scene for the second half of the evening. This is the foggy haze of drunken nostalgia, happiness, and camaraderie. It’s good. Take some time to sup on your local ale and revel in the wonders of the crawl.

5.     The Marquis of Granby

It’s Irish and you’re really going to get quite stupidly beered at this stage. Its brickwork has been meticulously painted like a mystical landscape to help make that Guinness taste even more magical.

In the highly unlikely event that you’ve stuck to anything like the plan, you should at this stage be knocking back drink number 8, and it should be around midnight.

Now is the time to rally the troops for an assault on what may be the finest late-night boozer in London…

6.     The Amersham Arms

With any luck, you’re in fine spirits. Your group is unified. Your wallets are not quite empty. You’re still, inexplicably, thirsty.

Enter the nirvana of late-night sing-alongs, arms-around-shoulders, and outrageously good music. You can plant yourself in the Amersham until after half 2 and goof grief how you’ll want to.

Remember to explore upstairs and out back, where a fine atmosphere and brilliant smoking spot collide to make for a truly fabulous evening end. Enjoy, and make sure you defend against the almighty hangover with some fried food and our New Cross hangover eatery guide,

Please come back soon!

The Practicals

New Cross is connected via its two train stations, one of which is served by the Overground, the other by Southeastern Rail from London Bridge. It lies no more than 15 minutes from Tower Bridge and can be accessed all hours by a roster of night buses.

The nearest night tube is London Bridge, which is a £15 Uber to the North if things get desperate.

We expect the crawl should set a normal human back about £80 if they factor in travel, a pack of cigs, about 10 pints of normal beer, and a kebab or two.

Please drink relatively responsibly, New Cross is a fine place and it would be nice if it could be saved from becoming the Magaluf of the Costa del Thames.





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